Goodbye to a Gem


Gem 2009-2016

Gem, one of my angora rabbits, passed away last night.  She was nearly seven and the only fawn colored animal my rabbitry has so far produced.  The fiber color was apricot at the tips shading to cream near the body and grew to about 6″ long.  Such a beautiful bunny.

This rabbit also had a beautiful heart.  A pleasant animal, she never fought with other rabbits.  She was best friends with her half-sister Citrine, who is an alpha female and does not get along with anyone who challenges her.  Luckily, she found a pal in Gem, a calm, quiet, friendly creature.  I’m certain Citrine will miss her buddy.


Citrine and Gem in the garden

Cancer took Gem away.  Several months ago I felt the beginnings of a breast tumor.  It grew quickly and spread to other regions.  I suspect it went to her lungs and that is what got Gem.  She died quietly in her sleep.

Nearly seven is a good age for a bunny.  Nature designed these prey animals to live about two years. Older rabbits often develop tumors.  Gem’s father also passed from cancer last fall.  He lived nine years, a venerable age for a bunny.

I hope this spring breeding season will see the birth of a little fawn-colored girl rabbit to fill the hole in my rabbitry.



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