Spring Inside


It makes an interesting juxtaposition:  tulips against a snow storm, spring on the inside.  These are my Valentine gift.  So pretty in the window.  After they bloom I will fertilize them and keep them growing until the garden thaws and I can plant the bulbs. Maybe they will flower again next spring.

The snowstorm started yesterday and turned from frozen to liquid, driving right off the ocean.  The wind groaned and growled for hours, lashing the house with sheets of rain.  If that storm had been snow we’d be buried.  A true blizzard.  The story of this winter…if it had only been snow.

Now the pasture is more bare ground than snow and I have to lock the horses into the sacrifice ground so they don’t tear the grazing land to mud.  The next few days are due to be very warm, in the forties. Then who knows?  Another roller coaster into the arctic? Two days ago it was -9F when I went out to do barn chores. Today we’ll hit 45F.  These swings are hard on the plants and animals.

Politicians fiddle while the ice melts.


3 thoughts on “Spring Inside

  1. Beautiful tulips against the snow. Yes, the bulbs will bloom again next year. We have also had a weird, warm winter. We don’t usually get snow anyway but lots of rain. We have had it lucky here in Thanet as many other areas in the UK have had a hard winter.

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