Nest Building

a1Mama bunny Jade has a secret!  She is building a nest for a surprise.  She thinks babies are on the way. This rabbit can have false pregnancies, so I won’t get my hopes up.  She is due to kindle somewhere between April 8-9.

Nest building is a good indication she is pregnant.  Also, her belly feels very full, and her appetite has changed, all positive signs.  Rabbits have a strong nest building instinct.  To satisfy her needs, I give her some hay each day.a2Jade carefully gathers the hay in her mouth, strand by strand.  Then, she hops to her chosen spot and goes to work.  She drops the hay and using her front feet and head, pushes and pats to make a mound. When she is happy with the hay arrangement, she pulls hair from her belly to line the nest.  The super warm and soft fiber keeps hairless babies nice and snug.  Removing the belly hair frees her teats for nursing.a3Mama is intent on having a large, luxurious bed for her little ones.  She has built the nest in the same corner she used last year for a successful litter.  My fingers are crossed that all goes well!

4/11/16  Update:  sad news, on 4/8 she gave birth to 10 full term stillborn babies.  Wish I knew what was up with this rabbit.  She’s had 2 normal litters and two stillborn now.  We will try again in a month.


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