First Chick Hatch


This year’s first Ameraucana chick hatch here at Phoenix Farm was on April 19-20.  There was a problem with the incubator and only nine babies survived.  A rather dismal result.  These nine little ones are strong to have made it out of the eggs.  At least a dozen, probably more, were lost.  Such is life (and death) on the farm.


Silver rooster, black hens, silver hen

The babies are from either the pen with a silver rooster and silver or black hens or the pen with wheaten and blue wheaten roosters and hens.  The ones that lived are healthy and active chicks.  Once they make it past day three, they usually survive to old chicken age.  chick2

Today I will set up forty-two more eggs to start the second clutch.  We will probably have a third hatch as well since the first was so poor.  I like to have forty to fifty young ones to choose among for the best quality breeding stock for next year.

Just couldn’t resist sharing this picture with a baby stretching its wings.  So cute!chick3



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