Cats and Dogs

a.jpgHere is Cary age 5.5 months hanging with his dog peeps, his best buddy Otto, and Holly.  Otto is 120 lbs, Holly is not far behind.  Cary has been entranced by the dogs since he was old enough to walk over to their area.  There is no fear of these giant creatures who outweigh him thirty times over.  The fact these are gentle giants probably helps.c.jpgHis brother, Kai, while also interested in the dogs, has reservations.  He keeps a distance, trades nose greetings, and flees at any sudden movements.  A rightful response to huge animals.b  So what makes Cary different?  When he visits the dogs his purr is always on full blast.  He strops against their legs and rubs his face on theirs.  Otto will gently place one big paw on the kitten’s back and behave in a way that is almost like patting the kitty.

I think little Cary just has a natural love for everyone, including large, hairy canines and is bold and trusting enough to show it.  Plus, the dogs are kind, caring animals who know how to be careful around those smaller than themselves.


Chloe (1 year old) and Otto


4 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs

  1. What beautiful photos! Little Cary is a real lovebug! I am glad Chloe and Lia are not afraid of the dogs. Kai will probably grow more friendly once he is bigger and older.

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