Starring the Star Magnolia

b1Love my little star magnolia tree.  It grew so much last year and has dozens of flowers this spring.  It is as tall as me, five feet seven inches.  I was very concerned last November and December.  The weather was crazy, weeks of spring-like warmth, temps into the 50s some days.  The trees were getting fooled and starting to bud.  The flower buds on my magnolia began swelling.  Then, bam!  The weather changed in early January.  Temperatures dropped to normal, zero F and below.b3  I figured the magnolia blossoms would be ruined.  But, no, when the temperatures finally climbed this spring, after a very chilly March and April, the tree broke into bloom.  Many of the petals have burned tips where the cold did affect them.  But, mostly, the flowers are lovely and smell so nice.  Like white pond lilies.  I sure hope the weather doesn’t get too ridiculous and kill off my favorite flowering tree!b2


2 thoughts on “Starring the Star Magnolia

  1. Very beautiful! Isn’t it funny the way the cold burned the tips like that? I’m glad it lived.

    I hope your back is feeling better today!

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