Found A New Truck


We did it!  We found a truck to replace the ’05 GMC Sierra.  This is a 2013 Chevy Silverado, V6, 4×4, long bed, regular cab with automatic transmission.  The only feature we couldn’t replace was the manual transmission.  Apparently American truck companies no longer make regular cab V6 pickups with standard transmissions.

This white truck has three small dents that must be fixed, but the dealer did agree to help us with the costs.  Overall it was a great buy.

We searched all over New England and found this at a dealer in Vermont.  They drove it 170 miles to us and gave us five days inspection before deciding to buy.  No way were we going to pay the new truck price.  This one cost more than the new truck we bought in 2005.  We are sincerely hoping some sanity returns to the pickup truck industry before we need to buy again in ten years or so.truck2


2 thoughts on “Found A New Truck

  1. So glad you got a good truck. That dealer was quite accommodating, driving it over for you and giving you a five day trial period! Yes, Tim will be kept busy keeping it clean and white!

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