Pink Dogwood

d2Several years ago my brother gave me a pink dogwood.  These denizens of the south do not usually flourish in the chill of central Maine, but I planted it in a spot protected from the fierce North wind.d4.jpg

Every year the tree has grown.  It started as a five-foot sapling and is now  about fifteen feet tall.  Year three the little tree produced a few flowers.  Last spring the dogwood had no blooms.  I feared that winter was too rough and the tree would not survive.d3

This mid-May I noticed buds forming.  Now, the tree has dozens of lovely pink flowers.  I hope one day it will be full of blooms, a pink bouquet.  Yet, I am happy with the demure show it has produced this year.  A wonderful surprise!d1


3 thoughts on “Pink Dogwood

  1. Nice of Bryce to give you a dogwood tree. It is lovely! I am surprised it manages the northern winters. Maybe it bloomed this year because it was rather a mild winter.

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