Horse Riding at Acadia National Park


This past weekend I was lucky enough to join a group led by my farrier to horseback ride the carriage roads at Acadia National Park.  Such a wonderful experience.  My twenty-seven-year-old Saddlebred horse Vista and I went out on four excursions over the long, three-day weekend.d1  The horses are kept at Wildwood Stables near Seal Harbor on Mt. Desert, right in the national park.  The stables also operate carriage rides with draft horses.  Above is the draft horse barn and pasture.  There are three large, comfortable barns for boarding riding horses, parking for long horse trailers and a small campground.  I shared my six-man tent with a friend.d3The carriage roads of Acadia are famous for their beauty, their extensive network, and the effort that was made to construct them.  These gravel roads run for miles through some of the finest scenery in the country.  Forest and mountain, lake, marsh, field and ocean all are accessed by roads limited to use by bikes, horses, hikers and carriages.  The stone bridges and tunnels are awe inspiring constructions.d4Because Acadia is a place dear to my heart, riding my horse in this park is the ultimate outdoor adventure for me.  Vista enjoyed the company of so many different horses.  She is a very social animal and could not stand to be left behind so we went on all the rides.  d2My bottom is still a bit sore from so much time in the saddle.  Normally I ride bareback.  When I’m enjoying the scenery of Acadia and friendship of like-minded horse people, bodily pain is easily ignored.  I look forward to another trip in a year or so with Maddie, my nine-year-old horse.  She will need some concentrated training to get ready for this ultimate trail ride.  We’ll start working on that in a few days, when my backside has recovered.d6

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  2. Vista really had a good time. Sorry she was so naughty. Maybe if she had more chances to trail ride, she would be calmer. Glad you had a lovely weekend for all that riding.

    • Yes, we both had a really good time. She builds very fast attachments to other horses. Not much to be done about it at her advanced age. The naughtiest was pounding the stall wall in the middle of the night. Oh well.

    • Yes, we saw other riders, hikers and bikers and several carriages full of people. Vista took it all in stride. Some of the horses freaked out but Vista was great.

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