Baby Angora Rabbits 3 Weeks Old


The baby bunnies turned three weeks old today.  They are so very cute!  Two are albino, pure white with red eyes, and one is colorpoint, cream with brown tips on the nose, ears and possibly feet and blue eyes.  Such tiny bundles of fur, they fit in one hand.  Their fiber is growing quickly.  Soon they will not need to snuggle in the hair of mom’s nest for warmth.  Already they are hopping around the cage eating pellets and sharing whatever treats mom gets.bun2

In the photos the fawns are resting from a morning snack of fresh dandelion greens, grass and clover. They also nibble on apples and chew hay.  Plus they still nurse and will continue to do so until at least eight weeks of age when mom begins to wean them.

I have my eye on the colorpoint.  Such a gorgeous baby!  I believe it is a little boy.  At this age it is very hard to tell, but it sure looks like a boy to me.  Even if it’s a male, I plan to keep this one!  If one of the albinos is female, I may keep her as well.  My rabbitry was down to two bunnies before the birth of these little ones!  This year two adult rabbits died.  I would like to have at least four rabbits to get an adequate supply of fiber.


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