Little Bunnies First Day Out


We’ve had some gorgeous, warm, sunny days lately and now that the little angora rabbits are a month old, a few days ago it was time for them to get to know the great outdoors.  The fawns and their mother came out to the large outside rabbit run.  The area is approximately 8 ft by 16 ft, plenty of space for little bunnies to race around.a4

The babies kicked up their heels, tasted fresh grass, clover, dandelion and plantain from the lawn and stretched out in the shade to enjoy the balmy air and gentle breeze.  Mama rabbit is very happy for the break from close quarters with her infants.  There are three fawns:  two female albinos and one male color point.  The color point can be told by the smudge of brown on his nose.  As he grows, his ears, feet and maybe even tail will turn a soft brown shade.  His coat will be cream and his eyes are blue.a3
He is an adorable baby and I plan to keep him. To enlarge my herd I also will keep one of his little sisters. My rabbit population dropped to just two before these were born. Rabbits do not live terribly long, seven years on average. I had several about the same age who passed away this last winter and spring. Now, thanks to rabbits doing what they do best, I have new members of the rabbitry to produce fiber.a5

After a good romp and feed, mom and babies settle down to doze away the warm afternoon.a6


6 thoughts on “Little Bunnies First Day Out

    • I know, completely adorable! I try to keep 4 rabbits and not to breed related ones. So it all depends on who passes on. Losing 3 rabbits in less than a year was unusual but they were getting old.

  1. Oh, they are darling! Would love to hold them! I am so glad they had a really nice day to spend time outdoors. Strange that a mama with such dark fur only throws white babies.

    • Wish you could hold them too, they are very snuggly. The mother is sable but probably has recessive albino genes. When she is bred to albino she will produce a few of them. If the litter had been larger she may have had more colored babies. Color point is a new one for me, she’s the first doe I’ve had to come up with it.

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