At Balcon de Europa in Spain

This page may be a bit monotonous, it’s all about me.  My name is Dawnalysce Clifford.  I live in central Maine and was born in N. Carolina in 1963, the year of the Rabbit, an Aries near Taurus.  I am very independent and like adventure, new experiences and nature.  I am a scientist but I believe in listening to intuition.  So much exists that we do not understand.  Be a skeptic for protection but don’t be a cynic.  I am a psychic.

I have two associate degrees, one in liberal studies and one in veterinary technology.  I was a vet tech for 11 years and retired in 2012.  I maintain several online stores where I sell my farm produce, arts and crafts and vintage and antique items I find locally.

Everything about the outdoors and the wild world I love.  Don’t try to hem me into a town or any of the structures humans erect.  I need to be in the woods, with the trees and wildlife.  Horse riding, fly fishing, kayaking and hiking are all favorites.  Traveling is in my blood.  I have been to most of the US states, Canadian provinces and parts of the UK and Europe.  I hope to see much more, especially Australia.  My favorite place is Acadia National Park.

I love my family.  My dear husband and I have been married over 30 years.  I have a gorgeous daughter, wonderful son-in-law and adorable grandchildren.  My mother is a special friend and she lives in England.  She and I have gone all over the UK and parts of Europe together, the very best times.  I have two handsome, successful brothers, one in NYC and one in OR.  And one much older, handsome and successful half-brother from my father’s first marriage who lives in WY during the summer and AZ in winter.

My ancestry is half-German, and part English and French-Canadian with a little Asian or Native American mixed in.  One of my ancestors lived in Maine in the early 1600s.  Another died in FL from disease while stationed there with the Union army during the Civil War.  He was from Ellsworth, ME.  My German ancestors migrated to America and settled around N. Dakota at the beginning of the last century.  They were all farmers.

While I am a woman, I do not let the expectations of society dictate what I do or how I behave.  I enjoy a wide range of activities and interests many commonly associate with being male.  I do construction carpentry, plumbing and wiring, heavy farm labor, enjoy studying battle strategy, devour criminal forensics, like boxing and hockey, adore driving fast so much I wish I could race cars and really want a low rider.  I enjoy engineering and mathematics, paleo-anything especially dinosaurs, biology, history, physics and chemistry.  Don’t call me a tomboy, modern women can do what they want.

I also love to cook, bake, knit, draw and paint, spin yarn on my wheel, play music and decorate.  Purple is my favorite color, followed by fuschia and teal.  Flowers of any type are wonderful to me, as are animals.  My favorite animals are horses, cats and rabbits.  Dogs are up on the list as well, but they are kind of messy.  I like neat and clean, orderly and well-kept.  I also adore dresses and fashion, especially the fashions of long ago.  If it were socially acceptable, I would go around in long, full dresses made with yards of silk and lace.

My hair is naturally curly and when it’s humid it tries to frizz up into a mass.  I have to fight with it to keep it curling and not frizzing.  I’m starting to go gray and won’t dye my hair.  It is what it is.  Although my hair color is a chestnut brown, I have every shade and hair thickness mixed in.  I’ve found thick black hair, thin and thick browns of all hues, thin red strands and even golden blond hairs.  And of course, now, white hair.

I tan easily and rarely use sunblock.  Gasp, I know it’s probably awful, but so far so good.  During summer I get nut brown by August.  I also have tons of moles.  Once I thought they were hateful.  Then I learned that a study showed moles indicate long life and I started to like my moles.  People with the most moles, over a hundred on their body, live the longest.  At that rate I will outlive everyone.

I am an artist and writer.  My home is decorated with my acrylic paintings and I have written and published two books so far.  Reading is one of my favorite pastimes.  I usually have two books and several magazines going at once, plus the work I do on my own books.  I’m writing a mystery now.  Mysteries and crime novels interest me most.  Some of my favorite writers are Ngaio Marsh, Agatha Christie, Robert B. Parker, Elizabeth George, Michael Connelly, Harlan Coben, Walter Moseley, Craig Johnson, Jonathan Kellerman and Tess Gerritsen.  I also enjoy historical fiction and fantasy.  All time favorites are J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.  And my guilty pleasure is Nicholas Sparks romances.

Almost all my life I have lived on a farm and I love everything about farming.  I can read the weather patterns and know the habits of the domestic and wild animals.  I understand plants and how to grow them.  Currently I keep two part-Saddlebred horses, a flock of Ameraucana chickens, and a small herd of angora rabbits.  Also there are six house cats and two German Shepherd dogs.

This blog will cover all of the above and just about any other rambling content I can imagine.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dawnalysce– I read your August 7 (2016) post with interest. Did you ever figure out what the funky smell in the woods was? You mentioned that a game warden had been contacted. I’m just curious as to if any illumination on the matter had been found. Thanks! Great blog, by the way. 🙂

      • !!!! Wow! Ahhh, that makes sense. 😀 Ha! Little prickly stinkers. Better than a resident black bear, right? Thank you for that! I’ll file that away in the Maine woods part of my brain for future reference… Cheers from Portland!

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