Books I’ve Written

The Tidewater Possession
Set in 1795 tidewater Virginia, this novel follows the intertwining lives of two very dissimilar men. Colonel Horace Parlen is a wealthy plantation owner who covets the land of Dean Southard’s family. His victory in acquiring their farm is short-lived. Faced with a foe of paranormal dimensions, his comfortable, privileged life is ripped apart. When all hope seems lost, Parlen finds he must seek help from Southard, a man with every reason to hate him.
Available as an ebook or as a soft cover print edition on Amazon and CreateSpace. The printed edition can also be ordered through most book outlets.

sin cover blogSin of the Father
The son of freed slaves learns a terrible secret about his past.  Driven to right a wrong he never committed, Toffee journeys toward unknown dangers in a single-minded quest.  Set in New York and Virginia of 1815, the sequel to The Tidewater Possession completes the story of the unlikely union of two very different families.
Available as an ebook on Amazon and as a soft cover print edition on Amazon and CreateSpace.  The printed edition is also available by order from most book outlets.

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