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Fawns Achieve Maximum Cuteness

The baby angora rabbits are four weeks old today and they have achieved maximum cuteness.  All six are healthy and rambunctious.  Last night they came out of the pen and ran all over the barn for the first time.  Bunny paradise!  These friendly fawns enjoy cuddling.  It’s my onerous task to snuggle the little ones, accustoming them to being handled.  Sometimes raising rabbits is a tough job!

There are three white albinos with red eyes, and one each of chocolate, sable and color point.  I have not checked them yet for sex, but am hoping at least a couple of the colored ones are female so I can keep them.  I might even keep a white one since I’m down to just one adult rabbit with the loss of my buck.  He sure gave me some pretty babies.

The color point is such a lovely shade. It’s creamy with brownish-gray point. Even the little tail and feet are pointed, so adorable. The chocolate and sable are beautiful, deep shades.  And who can resist a red-eyed white fawn that loves to sit in your hand?

The babies eat like little piggies, taking in the nutrition they need for rapid growth.  Fresh dandelions, clover, wild carrot and grass are a daily treat they rush over to nibble.  Mama Moonstone is doing an excellent job raising her babies.  A really great mother bunny.

Since I have so few rabbits, it will be hard to let any of them go.  At least there is another month to enjoy their antics.  The ones going to new homes will be ready to leave at eight weeks of age.  I hope to also locate a young, unrelated buck for my rabbitry so there will be baby bunnies next year.



Happy Bunnies


The angora rabbits at Phoenix Farm love to get out of their cages every day for some free hopping around time.  Here is the outside run I set up for my female rabbits.  It is a space 16 ft by 8 ft enclosed with two-foot high plastic lattice panels.

bun1bun3I have walled off a small area within the larger run to segregate one of the does.  There are four females, Alabaster-who is albino, Gem-a fawn color doe, Citrine-who is chocolate torte and Jade-a sable doe.  Jade and Citrine are both dominant females.bun5  Jade will fight with any other female whereas Citrine only wants to fight with Jade.  So Jade gets her own smaller area and the other three does have the larger space.  Jade likes to stretch out on the cool grass to enjoy an hour or two away from her demanding babies.

The buck, Marble, an albino, gets a separate area where he can have exercise and fresh grass without a chance of impregnating the females.  His spot is about five feet square.

bun6While mom is outside, her five babies practice their newly developed hopping skills around the cage.  They explore the feeder and waterer and sample hay and fresh grass.  These little ones are 19 days old today, already have teeth, and are beginning to eat solid foods.

bun4Four of the five are albinos with pink eyes and pure white hair.  One baby is white with darker eyes, maybe gray or brown, and is showing brownish points on the nose and ears.  It is hard to know quite yet what the final color will be.  The pointed white baby is just behind the front fawn who is chewing a blade of grass.

The babies are very friendly, hopping right over when they hear my voice.  They like to explore my hand and lick at my fingers.