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They finally did it!  Mom and Dad angora rabbit are pleased to announce the birth of their three babies on 9/15/16.  After several mis-starts and fails, these three are healthy and doing well.  Mama bunny has provided them with a thick bed of the finest fiber in the world to keep them warm and comfy.


Proud daddy Marble


Relieved mom Jade

Born hairless and with their ears and eyes sealed, by the time they can see and hear, the babies will be nearly two weeks old.  They are already able to pop themselves around with powerful hind legs.  If their naps are disturbed, the nest bounces and funny little grunting sounds ensue as the babies involuntarily kick their hind legs and call for their mother.

Mom will feed and clean them once per day.  Rabbit milk is so nutritious that only one feeding is required.  The babies grow quickly.  One little rabbit is larger than the other two.  It gave the mother some trouble coming out.  Such a small litter can lead to the oldest fetus growing too large to easily pass.  When this happens, the entire litter can be lost, even the mother is at risk.

Not sure why this doe has such a hard time carrying babies.  She is only four years old, prime reproduction age.  When I got her she was pregnant and kindled ten healthy fawns.  Since then getting pregnant and carrying to term has proved difficult for her.  I am so grateful to have gotten these three and am hoping for a pretty little colored female to add to the herd.