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Recalled Dehumidifier

Great!  Today I learned that the dehumidifier we bought new this past spring and that has been running almost daily all summer was just recalled.  There have been 165 incidents of overheating and smoking and 46 fires with over $2 million in property damage reported for certain models manufactured by a Chinese company.  The recall was issued four days ago, today the retailer we bought ours from sent me the recall notice.  The thing had been running daily during those four days.  I am thanking my lucky stars that this unit didn’t overheat and catch fire while we weren’t in the house.

The whole first floor of our home is on a cement slab and while that helps our house stay cool in summer and warm in winter without using a lot of energy, it does create significant humidity in our living area.  Without a dehumidifier in the summer months, we would be inundated with mold.   On the worst hot, muggy days the dehumidifier runs 24 hours.  To think it could have caused a fire at any moment is frightening.