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Grandma Times Two


At 2:00 am on April 10, Chloe Alysce came into the world, granddaughter number two!  Such a perfect little angel.  I was there for the birth, almost the only one assisting.  The midwives arrived about 10 minutes before Chloe.  Poor dad missed it by two minutes.  I was so glad to be there for my daughter.

If Chloe is anything like my first grandchild, Lia, she will bring joy to our lives.  Lia is my little buddy.  She loves everything about being outdoors, animals and farming.  Just like gramma.

Lia and gramma at the sea

Lia and gramma at the sea

So far Chloe has been full of surprises: arriving precipitously in the middle of the night, learning to nurse quickly, sleeping four or five hours at a time so her family can get some rest, and then needing to go to the hospital on her third day of life.  She developed a big case of jaundice and the midwives wanted her to get the blue light treatment.

So Chloe spent her fourth day lounging in a special blue light tanning bed.  She even got to wear some neato goggles.chloe2

Mom said the baby took it all in stride, alternating napping with nursing.  She’s doing fine now and back home.

I think Chloe is going to be as delightful and unique as her older sister.  I can hardly wait to hold her again!  What fun we will have, as soon as she can stay awake!

Thanks to my daughter for these photos!