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Little Ghost Story


Stairwell in the background and portion of the sofa traversed by the ghostly figure

Just a little ghost story for a rainy Sunday.  In the photo above, Kai is on the left and Cary on the right.  They are on the back of the sofa and the stairs with the cat scratching post are in the background.  Yesterday I was sitting on the floor in the livingroom playing with these two eight-month-old kittens.  They like to chase a long white shoelace.

We have two more cats:  Toby is a mackerel tabby and Chloe is a tuxedo kitty.  They were both upstairs, but when they hear me playing with the kittens they usually come running from wherever they are to join in.

I heard their feet on the stairs and soon they were both right beside me.  All four of the cats were within a foot of me.  From the corner of my eye I saw a fifth cat leap from the stairs by the cat post, run across the sofa and jump down to the floor on the far side of the sofa, out of sight.  It was as though this cat had closely followed the other two down the stairs.

I looked again to make sure all four of our animals were right around me.  They were.  I noticed Kai was staring intently at the same spot where I had seen the other cat.  He got up and went over behind the sofa to the exact place where the cat had disappeared.  Kai sniffed around a bit then returned to me.


Kai helpfully reenacting the scene of the ghostly sighting, in nearly the same place and with the same attitude (and favorite shoe lace.)

Had Kai not reacted, I may have dismissed the incident as my imagination.  Cats don’t lie.  They respond to what they sense.  I believe something was there.  Three of our beloved pet cats have lived out their long lives and passed away here in the house.  I didn’t get a good enough look to tell the color of the ghost kitty, so am not sure which one it was.  Or it could have been an earlier cat.  Our house is built on the site of my former childhood home that burned.  Several cats and kittens have died in the immediate area over the years.


Childhood home that burned in 1985.  Our current house is in the same place.  Me surveying the wreckage.

In the past, I have seen the form of my dearly departed kitty, Aragorn (aka Breeber,) an Abyssinian cat who was one of the last from my parents’ cattery.  They raised this breed in my childhood home for ten years.  Breeber and I were very close.  He attached to me, and I to him, when he was a tiny kitten and I was a teenager.  He was literally my shadow in life so it did not surprise me to catch glimpses of him after he passed away.


Aragorn and me in 1985. I’m 22 yrs old and 6 months pregnant (that’s Granny-cat in the background)

My first dog, Skipper, was a beautiful Gordon Setter-like pooch who had only three legs.  (He was named Skipper before he lost one hind leg in an accident with a car in the road at one year of age.)  Being three-legged didn’t slow him down too much.  He delighted in following when I rode my horse, Sirranon.  The horse and dog were bonded as babies and frequently played together.  They are buried in the same grave on the farm, they died the same day.  (That is a story for another time.)


Skipper and Sirranon, dog was missing his left hind leg

One day a year or so after they passed, I was riding my other horse in a field and from the corner of my eye caught sight of my dog Skipper following us.  I could see it was him right down to his hopping three-legged gait and the way his tail was held at an angle to help with balance as he ran.  When I turned to get a better look, Skipper was gone.

These sightings will undoubtedly be explained by some as nothing more than my vivid imagination at work.  Or perhaps I’m just crazy?  I don’t think so.  My eyes have served me well for 53 years so why should I doubt them?  It is more likely to me that the animals we loved and who returned our regard sometimes stay nearby, or occasionally visit.

Puppy Love


Molly is a sweet little 9 pound cat who loves everyone.  One of her besties is Otto, a 120 pound German shepherd.  Here she is with Otto enjoying the morning sun.  The dogs were raised with cats so they are conditioned to respect the little balls of fur.  They even allow cats to take food from their dishes as they are eating.  We have to chase the cats away if any try to bother the dogs when they eat.

Molly spends lots of time in the dog area.  She purrs for her canine friends and rubs her head on them.  They nuzzle her in return.  Often I find the cat and dogs sleeping curled around each other.  Such friendship is a rare and lovely thing.