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Making Felt Play Food


For my granddaughter Lia’s third birthday I’m making pizza from felt to go with her kitchen set.  Last year I made bread, sandwich fillings, fried eggs and bacon.a3  These approximately one-half real size play foods are made from patterns designed by Sweet Emma Jean, a store on Etsy. The patterns and bundles of felt for each set are available for purchase.  These are to be made for personal use and not for resale.  Since all the work is hand-done, I would have to charge much more than most would be willing to pay to be compensated for the time it takes to cut out and stitch the pieces.

Even though it takes time and effort, making the play food is fun.  Lia loves the things her mother and I have already made for her and plays with them all the time.  I’m pretty sure she will enjoy the pizza set since pizza is one of her favorite foods.a8

a2So far for the pizza, I have finished the board and five pieces of pie.  a7The slices consist of a bottom crust with dimpled rolled edge for a hand-tossed look, a top crust with attached sauce and two inner layers, one of stiff felt and one of foam, to thicken the slice.  a6

The sauce is stitched on to the top crust, the edge is attached, stuffed with a little fiber fill and sewn down and the two crusts are secured together with blanket stitches.a5 The ends of each crust have a little cap sewn on.a4

I will even be making a little pizza cutter that actually rolls! My hands do get tired after an hour or two of sewing.  Luckily, I still have plenty of time to complete this set, including all the toppings. Lia’s birthday is a couple months away still.

I look forward to sharing several pieces of felt pizza with Lia. Make mine with cheese, mushrooms, black olives and green peppers!